What Happiness Needs

What does a person need for complete happiness?

Happiness in relationships and love.  We really need love, feelings, relationships and intimacy. Sometimes we find love in loved ones, pets, hobbies or hobbies. What does it take for one person to be happy? Double the happiness of two lovers. A person needs a relationship to be happy, even if they don’t realize it. Sometimes we are not ready for them. But without a fulfilling relationship and love, happiness is hard to achieve. 


Happiness is in appearance. Sports and an active lifestyle will bring joy. When you are healthy and your figure is athletic, hot and attractive, life seems beautiful. 

Happiness is about goals and self-actualization. Each of us wants to fulfill ourselves in life, moving forward and evolving. Want to conquer new heights, to realize their potential, to achieve more. You need progress and movement forward. Until you realize yourself in life, you will not be able to be fully happy. 


Happiness is in recreation and entertainment. The modern adult works hard, is busy all the time, and rarely rests. Rest is perceived as a surplus. Without proper rest, the taste and colors of life are measured. Without rest, good sleep, and entertainment, it’s hard to feel happy. Most of your happy memories won’t be of working and doing things. You’ll remember traveling, having fun, relaxing, hanging out with friends, spending time with loved ones, and other fun times. Give yourself a break to enjoy life and all its colors. Do the things you love and are interested in. Have fun, relax and have fun. 


Happiness is in hobbies. One’s happiness is in taking up pleasurable things, following your hobbies, and pursuing your favorite hobbies. But do you give yourself the time or opportunity to do these things? What does a person need to be completely happy? Find time and resources for your hobbies. Do your favorite hobbies now, not put them off until later.