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Happy Quotes Notifications will send you each day several notifications with text that will help increase your happiness.

Features: Support for multiple programs, You can also stop all programs if for a while you don't want to receive any notification, You can stop receive quote during a certain time slot, Tap of the notification to view it, Rate the quote, Share the quote (share happiness with friends).

Happiness is not the top of the mountain but the way to it, Appreciate what you have, Happy mind, happy life, Write down what you liked today in your gratitude journal.

How to be happy? Achieving harmony is often hindered by things and habits that have inadvertently entered our daily lives and which, in fact, become obstacles to happiness. We have collected 12 tips from psychologists - how to get rid of excess and enjoy life to the fullest.

1. Forget about the need to always make a good impression on others. 2. Stop resisting change. 3. Forget about the need to always prove yourself right. 4. Release control. 5. Let go of guilt. 6. Avoid contact with toxic people.

7. Stop the negative conversation with yourself.

8. Appreciate the present.

9. Forget about the constant need to complain. 10. Refrain from criticism. 11. Do not hand out labels. 12. Let go of the past.

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